About Me

Collector Repair and Services is here for you! What do you need fixed?

Examples of what I do:


–finish, repair or restore needlepoint projects (including re-hooking, re-weaving, re-knitting, re-crewel embroidering, re-quilting, re-seaming, re-hemming, re-backing items)

–I don’t generally finish quilts, preferring the hand-stitching types of repairs on quilts. Don’t have time to do hand quilting. Other finishers have the long-arm sewing machines necessary for machine quilting.

–create pillows from needlework

–collect and sell vintage pieces and handmade treasures including kitchenware, linens, books, pillows. I’m currently collecting folk art pieces.


I’m a blue ribbon winner at the North Georgia Fair for my needlework.

I’ve been an editor/writer on Suite101.com for doll repair

Needlework shops make referrals to me when people need items finished. However, I get most of my clients from online and from local advertising.

Personal Information:

I’m a Business Admin graduate of Vanderbilt University

I’m a published author. (romantic fiction, The Daddy Issue)

My next book is nonfiction, about local history, and due out in 2015

I wash my hands a LOT, because they must be quite clean for needlework…but I am also passionate about gardening and playing with my dogs.

You can find me at my church (Methodist) most Wed and Sun nights. Hey, I live in the Bible belt!

I’m a collector, and I enjoy learning about all sorts of stuff. I’m currently into vintage sewing items, rustic decor and folk art. Sometimes I buy, but I also do a lot of window-shopping at both online and in brick-and-mortar shops. Thrifting is a passion of mine.

In my free time, I actually love working on my own needlework pieces, but it’s backing up lately because I’m doing work for plenty of clients. I also do antiques research, help care for my mom, help my husband with our handyman business matters, and do lunches with friends. I’m also pretty obsessed with Court TV and ID TV murder mysteries.

Here are some “finishes” of my own work lately:

preprinted pineapple x stitch kit fr Naomi's thrifting

This is a pre-printed cross stitch that I did. My friend Naomi thrifted the kit for me. I like it because it goes with my folk art/rustic decor I’m into right now.



And another vintage textile. Five or six years ago, I visited an antiques shop in Columbus, GA. Paid a few bucks for someone’s shoebox full of pre-cut yoyo quilt rounds, some of which were already made into yoyos. Took me a while to figure how to stitch them into the same size as they had done. But they were lovely old feed sack material, so little by little, I stitched them into a small display quilt. Fun lap work at night in front of the TV.

yoyo quilt fr antique shop I made yoyos n st together