Thank you for finding me, but I’m currently on a work hiatus. Completing in-house work and I will let you know when I’m available. Sincerely, Melissa

Welcome to my little needlework spot on the web, where you’ll find photos of my work, reviews from my customers, and often, my blogging about needlework or doll repairs.

I hope you enjoy what you see and read, and that it inspires you to pull out a project and either work on it yourself or send it to me so I can finish it for you!


2/27/2014:                                                   me making my 2nd basket 2-8-2014

My high school/college buddy was coming down to the GA Basketry Assn 2014 convention and invited me to go with her. Between Feb 7-9, I made my very first baskets! This was a great weekend diversion from work, and I loved catching up with Kim. I think my favorite thing about basket making is that you end up with a basket at the end of a day. I took daily workshops, and look what I made! I was so proud of myself, because going into it, I had no idea what we would be doing. The other ladies were all nice and very encouraging. And the teachers were so hands-on instructive. They had photo-heavy printout instructions to go with each basket, but I am *not* so good at reading directions. Tactile learner for the most part. That’s exactly how they taught–walking from student to student and helping with each step. I will absolutely be there next year to hang with Kim, make more friends and create more baskets. Below are my baskets. The tiny Shaker-esque was my first! The other Shaker was my 2nd day. Apologies to all Shakers and aficionados for my poochy sides that are supposed to be sharp angles. And the largest, white split oak and dyed oak was my last. It is called “Canterbury Cross” because of the unusual bottom. GA Basketry Convention my 3 baskets





I also still attend my hooking days up in North Georgia, by a beautiful lake. That isn’t often–one day a month but often we miss. My progress is slow because I only work on it when I’m there. Otherwise, I do simple, simple hand stitching of my own at night, and customer work by day.

LOVE my ladies in this group! Miss them when I don’t see them. :(

This is where I am so far:
my wool hooking