Q: Can you fix my doll?

A: No, I’m so sorry if you got to this site through a doll repair reference on Google. I no longer repair dolls, since my needlework repair side of the business keeps me far too busy. I wish I had someone to refer you to, but recommend that you search “doll hospital” and see what comes up.


Q: How do I get an estimate?

A: Email me and tell me about your project. Please also email me digital photos of your piece and tell me what you need repaired, restored or completed. The best ways to do this are to set your digital camera on “Macro” and “Flash Off” settings and do not adjust your lens, just move toward the needlework piece to get close-up shots of the damaged areas. Then move out and take a shot or two of the entire piece. iPhone photos work great as well.

Q: If I hire you, when do I pay you?

A: Sometimes I ask for up-front payment and sometimes I ask you to pay me when I’ve completed the piece. Because I deal with estimates via photos sent, sometimes the time involved in the work changes as I go and the estimate changes, but we agree on a definite end-result price. I always send photos of the work I’m doing as I go along, so you know what you’re getting in return. If you’re local, I ask for payment upon pickup.

Q: How do I know you’ll do a great job with my treasured item?

A: I will evaluate your item once it arrives, and if for any reason I feel I cannot meet your expectations, I will let you know before any work begins.

Q: Who pays shipping?

A: You do, both ways.

Q: How should I pack my item to send to you?

A: I would highly suggest that you consult a professional shipping service before shipping a precious and/or breakable item, and definitely insure it. Otherwise, I suggest bubble wrap, waterproof packaging, lots of tissue or newspaper crumpled to cushion the item, etc,…

Q: May I see samples of your work?

A: Certainly! Once I understand what your project is, I’ll send you photo samples of similar completed work from my own collection. Or you can see all sorts of clients’ work here on my website.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: That is done on a project-to-project basis. I’ll submit a preliminary proposal upon receipt of the digital images and your objectives. The final quote will be given after I receive your project. If there are any variable costs, they’ll be communicated with the initial proposal and final estimate.