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I am NOT accepting any repair work at this time. Busy working on my backlog. I will post a message when I reopen. Thank you!



Please send a .jpg file of your item to be repaired to:

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  1. I have an old, but lovely crocheted tablecloth made from 100% cotton thread in a medallion pattern. It is taupe in color. It was in perfect vintage condition without any discolorations or tears. However, after I gently washed it, a few threads came loose, leaving a small hole. Would you be able to crochet it back together? I will send a picture under separate cover with my name to identify it. My computer would not send it from this site. Thank you in advance for your reply. Bette Hurd

  2. Hi. I have a crocheted throw made of squares (granny squares?) Some of them are coming unraveled. I would love to have it repaired as I am very fond of it. Can you tell me about the charges for repairs? I’d be happy to send the throw to you for an estimate.

  3. Hi, Judith,
    I’m overbooked at the moment with repairs, but if you don’t find someone else and don’t mind waiting a few months, could you please contact me again after the first of the year?
    My rates are $35/hr and I do work on such items. In fact, I recently repaired a granny square throw for a customer. Afghan repairs usually run into $100 or so, based on how much repair is needed.
    Thanks for contacting me, Melissa

  4. Hi Melissa,

    It has been a pleasure reading about you and your craft and projects.

    I wanted to let you know that I sent you an email last night with pictures of items that I would like you to take a look at and let me know if you would be willing and able to repair them and the estimated price to do the repairs. Please let me know if you did not receive the email or if you are having trouble opening the attachments.

    Take care and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  5. Hi Melissa
    I sent you an email for a quote. No hurry, so if you want/can do this I can send it when you catch up. Thanks Sue

  6. I have an old (70 years + ?) wool granny sqaure afghan made from multi-colored worsted weight wool yarn that Is basically falling apart. I sent it out for repair last year and the repair was very poorly done. I had the person back it on black cloth and that was also really poorly done. I am in the process of removing the backing. I am interested in getting an estimate for a better repair. I would estimate that 20 + squares probably need replacement.
    Is this possible?

  7. Hi, Barbara,

    Yes, it is possible, but it will cost an estimated $750. It is VERY intensive work, and I’m a perfectionist. I would not be happy unless and until you were happy. If you want to contact me and send me photos, check my contact page. I’m not taking anything until June at this time, though I would like to see the photos and see what you’re talking about as far as the work goes. I recently finished an afghan for a man who was very happy with it. His mother did it probably in the 1950’s or 1960’s and she used a little hand loom. I think I’ve put it on my website here, though I havent’ posted anything lately because I’ve been swamped with work. Thanks, Melissa

  8. Also, it would have to come in and go directly into a de-bugging process for two weeks. I do it again, sometimes, before it comes back to you. So there is some time during which wool items get super-checked to make sure they are bug-free (and won’t suffer any further damage from the most likely source!)

  9. Hello Melissa,

    I have a white cotton crocheted table cloth that has developed a few holes in places and is in need of repair. When would you be accepting future work and how do I go about getting on your list?

    Thank you and Happy Memorial Day,


  10. Hi, Ann,

    I have probably several more months’ worth of repair jobs to get to. Could you please check back in September? At that time, I will probably be able to put you in line. I’m sorry it takes me a while. I just have a busy life + this fun needlework repair job!

    Happy Memorial Day to you, too!


  11. I have a crocheted bedspread where one area, about a foot by a foot has come loose and needs to be reattached. Would appreciate being put on a list or have you let me know where you would be able to accept it for repair. The spread has been well taken care of otherwise, so it wouldn’t need to be cleaned. Thank you, Jean Brennan

  12. I have a very large crocheted tablecloth that my Grandmother made in the 20s or 30s. and it needs a lot of repair. I was wondering if you can do this or know of anyone who would take on this huge job. I would really like this to stay in the family. I think its is the “wheel” pattern.

  13. I have 3 small crochete baby blankets that my husbands grandmother made when he was born. The crisis is they were damaged when our house burned down in March. I know only pieces can be saved, i’m just scared to death to touch them! Please help!

  14. Yes, Laura, I could do this job. It will probably be in the neighborhood of $450-500 or more (rough, sight-unseen estimate) if it is a large amount of work. Just letting you know it runs about that on large tablecloths or spreads. If you are interested, please email photos of the tablecloth. You can take phone photos or if you use your camera, set it to “macro” and “flash off” to take up-close shots of the damaged areas. Then take some regular photos of the whole tablecloth for me. Oh, and I’m months behind still on jobs. I can take in a few now, but it will be 6-8 months to get to your tablecloth.

  15. Hi, Jean,
    Sorry for the delay in replying. I changed my email and missed a few of these posts.
    Please send me photos of the work needed, if you still need the spread reattached.
    I cannot accept any work for a few more months. Thanks,Melissa

  16. Hi Melissa,
    I just found your site and love it! I have my mother’s hard rock maple dining room set with six dining room chairs covered in needlepoint done by my grandmother and mother. The background is off white with the center of each chair seat being a different kind of colorful fruit. After 50+ years of being used for all special occasions – the seats are in tact but certainly need to be cleaned. Is there a way for me to clean them at home – or should this be done professionally? Do you do that type of work? If so, what might the cost be? I live near Houston Texas. Thanks for your time.

  17. Hi, Patsy,

    I would not clean them at home. There is another needlework repair/restorer whom I know and she happens to live in TX. She lives in Conroy, TX. her name is Bidwell Drake and you can reach her through her website’s contact page at:

    Tell her “Melissa sent me” and she’ll know you contacted me first. She is more capable of washing your seats and she will give you accurate pricing on them. I don’t do the cleaning and I would not recommend that you try anything yourself, as the dyes in the fruits would surely run onto the off white background, and that would be disastrous! Best to let the professional do it for you and do it right.

    Thanks for contacting me. You have a great set of needlepoint and I’ll bet they look wonderful on the hard rock maple! What a nice heirloom.

    Best of luck! Melissa

  18. Hi Melissa – I have a crocheted baby blanket with a couple of holes in it (maybe 1×2). Are you accepting new work at the moment? Thanks!

  19. Melissa, I have an old Irish linen tablecloth in need of repair. It was given to me by my mother and I cherish the item and memories of using it. The tablecloth has several holes in it. I am not in a hurry to get it done. Are you accepting new work? Can I send to photos?

    Thanks! Lisa

  20. I have a 75 year old crochet bedspread, popcorn stitch as I remember, and in ecru, that has been torn. Nothing is missing. It also has an unknown stain.
    I can sent a digital photo if you have an interest in restoring it when you restart your work.

    Would be nice to know where you are too.
    I am in Green Valley, AZ

  21. Hi, Charles,
    I’m in Atlanta, GA.

    I am interested in the repair, but you would be #3 on my list once I reopen after August 2014. I have a book contract and it’s due in August so I’ve shut down until I get it in, and also to catch up with my repairs. However, no guarantees on timing.

    If you would like to send photos, the best way is thru my “Contact Me” page. Send close-ups of the holes and rips if possible and the estimate remains a “guess-timate” until I can have the piece in my possession and really see the needs.


  22. Hi. I hope u can help me. My nephew is going to be having a baby in late nov. I would like to give him my christening blanket when his child get baptised. Sometime in 2015. The bllanket is 57 yrs old and is 100% wool and has holes. I hope not mothes as it was in a plastic container. I am afraid to wash cause maybe it would fall apart so not sure if I should repair first. Should I text u or email a photo to see if this is something u could do. Thks

  23. Hello. I have a Full/Queen size white vintage hobnail pom pom bedspread that tore when I washed it. Some of the cords for some of the pom poms are also frayed. Can you repair it and what would be the cost?

  24. Hi,
    Yes, I can repair your bedspread. I’m closed until September, though. My fees depend on the extent of damage, but I have a $50 minimum fee.
    I would have to see the bedspread in order to give you an estimate based on the repair needed. If you want to contact me in September, I can give you an address.
    Thank you,

  25. I have an old cross stitch that is 16″x20″ in size on canvas and it has stains on the bottom portion. I am afraid to wash it and have the stitching bleed. Do you know what I can use on this to clean it without ruining it? Or would you be able to get the stains out for me? Let me know what you would charge for a job like this. Thanks!

  26. Hi,
    Sorry I didn’t see this question. I have been busy working on a book. I would recommend a cleaning business I know. She does great work on such items.
    Please don’t do it yourself! It may cause the thread to bleed. If you want, email me (see contact page) and I will give you the cleaner’s info)melissa

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